Everyone needs time out to heal or nurture the mind and body.

Massage are therapies are a great way to relax and unwind. They are also great for treating pain and discomfort. My bespoke approach to healing therapies customises the treatment specifically each time. Techniques used range from Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Chinese Medical Cupping, Reiki and Qigong Healing.

Reiki (Ray-Key) is Japanese for universal life energy. It is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique which addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. This very relaxing therapy can be combined with other massage therapies or performed its own.

Qigong for Health

"Spring Forest Qigong (pronounced "Chee gong") is a simple, efficient, and effective method for helping you experience your optimal health, wellness, and happiness; helping you heal physically and emotional pain: and enhancing the quality of your life and the lives of others." SF Qigong