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"I have been attending Kerry's classes since she began. We work really hard and have so much fun at the same time. Kerry is a fabulous instructor, encouraging, motivating and always with an infectious smile! Even with the HIIT and Movement, I wasn't so sure I could do - but she has made it all feel safe and enjoyable and I CAN do it! Thanks Kerry!"


“I never thought I’d enjoy a class like IGNITE HIIT. I am now hooked. Kerry is supportive and makes the classes fun, she’s so inspirational. I may be at the back of the class and modifying most of the moves but I do feel the fittest I have in years. I try and fit in as many classes as I can, they are only 45mins long so great to fit into the busiest of lives.  I get pushed much harder than I’d push myself going to a gym alone and along with my new friends in the class I feel a huge sense of achievement at the end.”



"Kerry has the ability to make you feel good. Her energy and passion for what she does is infectious and I always feel better after a class with her."


"After suffering a serious health scare when I was 43 I knew that healthy eating and exercise was the only way forward for me. I had exercised for years but truthfully did not even break out in a sweat finding exercise boring until I met Kerry. Kerry helps you push yourself to the absolute limit. The classes are tough but so enjoyable at the same time. You know that you have had an amazing full body workout. Kerry is a fantastic trainer she knows so much about health, nutrition and exercise. She is an absolute inspiration helping you to feel more positive, energised, motivated and to believe in yourself."


"I've been to a number of classes in the past but have often come away feeling like I haven't had a proper work out. I've also been to classes and felt uncomfortable because the trainer is a dictator and thinks its ok to be in your face. Kerry's classes are so much fun and I come away every week feeling like I've achieved something. Everyone is so enthusiastic, its brilliant. I've been coming to class for a few weeks now and it has definitely helped me with my road running. I've been telling anyone who will listen how awesome this class is!"



"Qigong is time out for me, time to put me and my mindset into my space, my peace, my quiet. Time to heal, regenerate, refresh, distress. I have been half a dozen times and now really feel I can zone out into myself. I feel a lot calmer for it, able to manage things better than I was. I leave a session feeling calmer within, more grounded. The sensation of building up energy and then releasing it to those I have brought into my mind grows stronger each week. I would recommend it to anyone. We all need that little bit of me time. 


 "Kerry's tranquil Qigong session is a wonderful way to relax and switch off from the daily routine . This morning after her class, I felt amazingly calm, refreshed and recharged ready for the day. I'm really glad to have discovered

this form of meditation!"



"I would highly recommend Kerry for any of the treatments she offers. Kerry provides a welcoming, warm and relaxing environment while you're having your treatment and makes sure you're completely comfortable. She has excellent knowledge of various conditions and is very intuitive, I have various back, neck and shoulder problems and came away feeling a lot less pain and a lot more relaxed!"


"Had an amazing massage therapy session tailored to my needs and involving a range of therapeutic massage techniques. Set in a peaceful private studio, Kerry was really sensitive to my needs and I feel really relaxed as well as my lower back feeling much released! Going again soon!"


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