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Group Fitness Classes


"I have been attending Kerry's classes since she began. We work really hard and have so much fun at the same time. Kerry is a fabulous instructor, encouraging, motivating and always with an infectious smile! Even with the HIIT and Movement, I wasn't so sure I could do - but she has made it all feel safe and enjoyable and I CAN do it! Thanks Kerry! (Catherine)

“I never thought I’d enjoy a class like IGNITE HIIT. I am now hooked. Kerry is supportive and makes the classes fun, she’s so inspirational. I may be at the back of the class and modifying most of the moves but I do feel the fittest I have in years. I try and fit in as many classes as I can, they are only 45mins long so great to fit into the busiest of lives.  I get pushed much harder than I’d push myself going to a gym alone and along with my new friends in the class I feel a huge sense of achievement at the end.” (Hannah)

"Kerry has the ability to make you feel good. Her energy and passion for what she does is infectious and I always feel better after a class with her." (Fran)

"Kerry is a fantastic instructor and I enjoy all of her classes. Kerry is always welcoming to all new members and makes you feel at ease straight away. She makes her classes so much fun." (Kim )

"Kerry is a fantastic instructor - she keeps us motivated to complete the session and energised until the next class !! Her classes have definitely inspired me to stay fit and prepared me for other endurance type sporting challenges. I don't think I've been fitter , thank you Kerry!" (Yasmin)

" She brings high energy, fun, motivation to each class. Through Kerry's encouragement and knowledge you will achieve your goals and keep going back for more!" (Vic)

“I’ve done all sorts of exercise in the past joined gyms paid the monthly fees, would go for a bit but got bored after a while. Then I discovered Kerry’s classes, I look forward to them every week. Kerry’s full of so much energy, constantly smiling and motivating. She has vast knowledge of exercise, muscles, nutrition etc, which she passes onto her classes. I wouldn’t exercise anywhere else!”. ()

"The perfect way to exercise!  Kerry is full of energy, fun, laughter and lots of whooping!!! With different levels for beginners to the experienced, I love every class." (Sarah)

"I've been coming to Kerry's classes- Kerry is an excellent instructor. She demonstrates the moves and keeps an eye on how we're doing whilst keeping the class fun and focused. I would not hesitate in recommending Kerry-you won't regret it." (Siobhan)

"Kerry’s Zumba classes are a great work out and loads of fun! Kerry is really energetic and smiley which is highly infectious; and I get a great work out as well as being able to shrug off the day’s stresses! I have been going for years now and still really enjoy them thanks to Kerry’s enthusiasm. Kerry is excellent at keeping us motivated and staying strong until the end of the class. I definitely leave the classes feeling stronger each time and can’t wait to reap the rewards! Thanks Kerry! (Rachel)

I absolutely love attending Kerry's classes I come away feeling energised, strong and full of vitality, gives you a buzz like nothing else and most importantly we have a good laugh!" (Rhi).

" After suffering a serious health scare when I was 43 I knew that healthy eating and exercise was the only way forward for me. I had exercised for years but truthfully did not even break out in a sweat finding exercise boring until I met Kerry. Kerry helps you push yourself to the absolute limit. The classes are tough but so enjoyable at the same time. You know that you have had an amazing full body workout. Kerry is a fantastic trainer she knows so much about health, nutrition and exercise. She is an absolute inspiration helping you to feel more positive, energised, motivated and to believe in yourself. (Denise)

" Kerry oozes motivation and positivity and makes you feel you can achieve your goals no matter your age, fitness levels, shape or size. Her experience and knowledge in Health and Fitness is outstanding and advice is always at hand. If you need to modify the exercise during the workout - that’s ok too as Kerry demonstrates all modifications." (Louise).

"I can go at my own pace and then when I try to up a level I realise I can actually do it! As I get fitter I can push myself further and yes next week I will use heavier weights.  I suppose after being a house mum for so long I have been to scared to move, when actually I am perfectly capable! Victoria

"I love that you make it fun, as well as a having a good work out" xx Michelle


"I love that after 5 or so months I can see maintainable results and feel so much fitter and stronger ... Most of all I love the mental effect it has had on me .. I believe in myself now and feel so much healthier with regard to my diet and lifestyle! I think that's the biggest step because now the body should follow!!" Nicky

"I love everything about it, each class is different , you can work at your own level! The class goes quick but it's intense and so much fun plus I've met lots of new people and made some good friends  x Kath

I've done many different types of exercise class but IGNITE tops the lot for a number of reasons:I love the intensity and variety of each class. I love that it's a supportive, friendly environment - not competitive (at least not with each other). I love the fact that I'm getting to know a very lovely bunch of people.I love the fact that since the end of March combining IGNITE and zumba with mindful eating has resulted in me losing 9lb and being the lowest weight in 10 years - and I feel stronger, fitter and more confident as a result. I feel I'm a member of some elite club and part of me wants to shout how good it is from the rooftops and part of me wants to keep it secret -just for all of us!" Siobhan

 I love that I now love exercise! Plus you make me laugh...who else would say 'why bother to salute someone when your glutes can do it for you!' Lol! xx Jill

"That feeling of satisfaction afterwards. Yeh I earned my shower!x" Sophie

"I've been to a number of classes in the past but have often come away feeling like I haven't had a proper work out, I've also been to classes and felt uncomfortable because the trainer is a dictator and thinks its ok to be in your face. Kerry's classes are so much fun and I come away every week feeling like I've achieved something. everyone is so enthusiastic, its brilliant. I've been coming to class for a few weeks now and it has definitely helped me with my road running. I've been telling anyone who will listen how awesome this class is!" x


"I love the fact that it isn't a chore and is a quick manageable session that I actually enjoy (when I'm not knackered) and it's fun with a fab instructor who understands the person inside us all and genuinely cares xx" Catriona

"I always considered myself quite fit. After two classes I can see I am working my muscles in a way I never have before and I love it!! If the saying is no pain no gain then baby I am gaining!!! Can feel the results will be showing soon. Plus Kerry Sanson is one hell of an inspirational lady xx" Caragh


"Well its a bit of everything!!! Love feeling the burn and pushing myself during class...also that amazing feeling at the end  also having a little socialise around working out is always a bonus!!! Xx" Susie

Qigong & Meditation

"Qigong is time out for me, time to put me and my mindset into my space, my peace, my quiet.

Time to heal, regenerate, refresh, distress. I have been half a dozen times and now really feel I can zone out into myself. I feel a lot calmer for it, able to manage things better than I was. I leave a session feeling calmer within, more grounded. The sensation of building up energy and then releasing it to those I have brought into my mind grows stronger each week. I would recommend it to anyone. We all need that little bit of me time. Thank you Kerry x" CK


 "Kerry's tranquil Qigong session is a wonderful way to relax and switch off from the daily routine . This morning ,after her class , I felt amazingly calm, refreshed and recharged ready for the day. I'm really glad to have discovered this form of meditation!" Yas


 "I just had to write a glowing review for the fabulous Kerry Sanson and her amazing classes. After trying her new Qigong class last week (as well as feeling relaxed and happy by the end) my endless cold and sinus congestion has been healed! For the first time in about six weeks, I can sleep through the night and breathe without nose sprays and olbas oil. Why not give it a try - you never know what it might help with! It'll make you feel good anyway. Oh, and she runs the best Zumba classes in the world too! Xxx" CP.



Massage and Healing

"Can thoroughly recommend. Had an excellent massage - coincidentally booked it for a day after I did a 10k run and it definitely helped with recovery. A mixture of techniques used to tailor to what was needed. Very peaceful, clean studio. Will definitely book again." Anest 

"I went to see Kerry for a reflexology treatment and it was fantastic. The room was very relaxing and Kerry made me feel totally at ease. The treatment was great, I dropped off at one point so the relaxation side of things definitely worked! Thanks Kerry 😊" Cath

"Book your massage with Kerry you won't be disappointed. Kerry is an excellent therapist, who listens to her clients and provides them with individualised treatments. I highly recommend.!" Laura

"I would highly recommend Kerry for any of the treatments she offers. Kerry provides a welcoming, warm and relaxing environment while you're having your treatment and makes sure you're completely comfortable. She has excellent knowledge of various conditions and is very intuitive, I have various back, neck and shoulder problems and came away feeling a lot less pain and a lot more relaxed!" Lisa

"Kerry has been my go-to girl for massages for years. Highly recommended, especially if you’ve specific health issues, as she’ll adapt the treatment to suit your condition." Rachel P

"Had an amazing massage therapy session tailored to my needs and involving a range of therapeutic massage techniques. Set in a peaceful private studio, Kerry was really sensitive to my needs and I feel really relaxed as well as my lower back feeling much released! Going again soon!" Rachel S