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Win the day…every day!


Are you looking for simple ways to improve your mental and physical health and well-being, and bring back the hurray to your day?

Practice Face Yoga every morning, or drink Yin Yang water with lunch, or add Torso Bouncing to your breaktime.

The Book of Health Hacks is a compendium of easy strategies and practices for you to add to your daily routine to make you more mindful and give you more energy to win your day. They don’t take too much time to do, and most won’t cost a penny! Plus, each health hack has been tried and tested, some of them for thousands of years, and many are supported by scientific findings.

With 40 health hacks to choose from, you can mix them up or create a daily routine. Each hack is described in a step-by-step guide or linked by QR code to a YouTube demonstration video.

The Book of Health Hacks can help you change your lifestyle in simple ways that suit you.

Kerry Sanson is a movement and massage therapist, a personal trainer, and a student of Eastern philosophies including Yoga and Qigong, who has helped many clients to make simple improvements to their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, producing successful and long-lasting benefits.

The Book of Health Hacks

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